Welcome to our local history file

From our own research into the history of the village of Tarnock we’ve accumulated a few sources of information and links to resources that may be of use to others looking into their own family or local history in this area.

Below is some of the information we have found and we hope it might be helpful in your own research. If you have any feedback or information to share please get in touch.

Badgworth Tithe Map and Award 1840

Badgworth Tithe Map

The map is now online and free to access, recording all plots of land in Tarnock, Biddisham and Badgworth by plan number, as of 1840.

It can be found at:  http://www.kypwest.org.uk/explore-the-map/go-to-the-map/

  1. Then select your county, and on the map page use the magnifying glass (top left) to enter the location – in this case Badgworth.
  2. Click the Basemaps tab (top right), then select ‘comparison map’ and scroll down to select ‘1840s Tithe’
  3. Zoom in to see the map and move the vertical slider control left to right to see how it compares with the comparison map.

Badgworth Tithe Awards

In separate records held at Somerset Heritage centre in Taunton is a Tithe Award (ref D/D/rt/A/198) which records the owners and occupiers of each numbered plot on the Tithe Map together with some other information.

Badgworth Tithe Award records are not yet freely available online (they are available for a charge at  The National Archives), but we have looked at the records and catalogued the data which can be found on the Badgworth Tithe Awards page.

By reference to the Tithe Map it’s possible to see the owners and occupiers of each plot as of 1840. Note that names are all recorded as Surname followed by First name. The award records are handwritten and mostly very clear but there may be errors, and some names may not be spelled as expected. The award records also contain information on size of each plot, state of cultivation and rent charge (not yet included but hope to add this as soon as we can)

Arney and Catley families

We’ve been looking at the following families who lived in Tarnock in the 1800’s and have built a family tree for each in Ancestry.co.uk with what we know so far (work in progress). For each family there is attached a high level view of the family tree, click on the name and it will open a pdf.

There is more detail in Ancestry which can be viewed online (get in touch if you would like a link to these family trees as Ancestry won’t allow us to share an open and reusable link).

1911 Census of Tarnock

This is a list of the entries for Tarnock taken from the 1911 Census for Badgworth. The records have been logged in a spreadsheet, and can be found on the 1911 Census of Tarnock page.

Manorial Records

Walter Long was the Lord of the Manor of Tarnock, and of Cheddar Hannam until the mid 19th century and there are records from the estate held at Wiltshire & Swindon archives. These include maps and notes relating to leases & the full catalog is searchable online at https://calmview.wiltshire.gov.uk/CalmView/How.aspx

Old maps

If you like old maps & haven’t already discovered it, there are now several other old maps available to view for free on the ‘Know your place’ website. Not all map versions are available in all places but fascinating to compare old with current. http://www.kypwest.org.uk/explore-the-map/go-to-the-map/

Links to other resources

Somerset Heritage Centre, Archive Catalog : https://somerset-cat.swheritage.org.uk/

East Brent Parish History : www.Rooksbridge.org.uk

Wiltshire & Swindon archives : https://calmview.wiltshire.gov.uk/CalmView/How.aspx

Ancestry : www.ancestry.co.uk

‘Know Your Place’ maps : http://www.kypwest.org.uk/explore-the-map/go-to-the-map/

The National Archives : https://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/help-with-your-research

The Open Domesday : https://opendomesday.org/place/ST3752/tarnock/